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Renaissance Educational Consultants (REC) has a reputation of being the best. You may contact any of our offices nearest to you for an appointment and personal consultation. It does not matter if you have already applied to one or more Universities; Renaissance Educational Consultants can still act on your behalf within its scope of services.



Which career to choose? This is the first question that comes to the mind of many students. “Renaissance Educational Consultants” guides you through the maze of questions to find solutions best suited to your profile and / or parameters ensuring that you choose the best Career Path to make your future bright.


We guide you to choose right Country, right University and right Course that perfectly fits your Career or Personal Goals and which best suits your Personal, Academic and Financial Profile/Parameters.


After counseling students for the right Course and University, the next step is to apply for seeking admission in the Universities. Presentation and Documentation of your error-free application largely decides whether you receive the Offer Letter or not. Thus, we help you in the following aspects:

  • Giving you the Application Form
  • Guidelines to fill the application
  • Details of documents to be sent along with application.
  • Preparation of documents like:
  1. SOP (Statement of Purpose)
  2. RECO (Recommendation Letter)
  • Resumes by providing you:
  1. A sample format of the above documents,
  2. Guidelines on points to be included in these documents, and
  3. Carrying out correction in above documents.
  • Making all the sealed and properly addressed Envelope packets.
  • Online or postal sending of your application.
  • Tracking delivery of your application to University/college.

In Universities and colleges represented by us, we send our recommendations highlighting your strengths and also explaining reasons why you should be granted admission, which are considered by University Admission Officers’ while taking a decision.


All students and parents are worried by the cost related to studies abroad. The cost varies from country to country and University to University, depending upon the course you want to pursue. But if you are capable to get a grant or scholarship from the school or University of your choice the burden of funding gets reduced a lot. Here it is important to make a point that to achieve these all, proper guidance is required which can be provided only by professional firms like ours who are in this line for years and have gained experience in all the fields.

We assist in: 

  • Getting financial aid in terms of Scholarships / Research Assistantship / Teaching Assistantship.
  • Getting Tuition Waivers.
  • Getting Bursaries depending on academic strength.
  • Informing about smaller scholarships offered by Universities.
  • Giving you the contact of various organizations sponsoring students.

We assist the eligible candidates in getting Financial Aid by selection of proper Universities and then guiding them to prepare and e-mail their short resumes and other documentation including motivational statement to concerned authorities. Proper timing and proper correspondence is the highlight of our Consultancy.


We have contacts with nationalized banks offering Educational Loans for overseas studies at reasonable rates. We also help you with the entire procedure, starting from eligibility criteria and selection of bank, to making loan application, preparing required documentation etc.


Studying overseas is a dream come true for many young students. Youngsters who wish to pursue their careers abroad or intend to enroll in a university which is known and accredited worldwide, apply for an overseas studies visa in order to travel to a well-known country to study.

Overseas studying is considered to be an expensive route however when it comes to an internationally acclaimed degree and a successful career, students aim to go down that path without second thoughts. Many students apply to countries like the Canada, China, UK, US and others in order to enroll in the universities present in those countries. International students may face various barriers when they plan to admit themselves at these universities however with a little help, students can apply and be accepted at the most renowned ones of their choice.

The first barrier encountered by a student is the visa process, which is required to enter into another country. The type of visa required by a person who wishes to join an international university or college is a “student visa” which is provided by the “Office of International Services”.

Below is the process to process student admission in overseas university, and acquire a student visa for an international university or college:

  • Step 1

The Pre-application Process – Making students choice: We begin by examining students objective in terms of specialization and career goals based on the information, we match needs with the options offered by various universities across the globe. At this point, counselors work with students to zero in on a choice of universities that offer courses ideally suit requirement and resources. Begin students’ journey as an Overseas Student by clicking this registration form.

  • Step 2

The Application Process Securing students Admission: Having chosen the appropriate university it becomes essential for students to match its curriculum with academic ambition. At this stage, our counselors are on stand-by to advice students on courses of preparation. In fact, the Application Procedure involves an element of prioritizing and scheduling.

Admission Formalities

Special attention to students’ application and highlighting the areas essential for a well-presented, error free application: We assist students with REFERENCES and the ‘all-important’ STATEMENT OF PURPOSE. They assess students English and where appropriate, recommend waiver of IELTS/ SAT / TOFEL. The Universities admission tutors consider this recommendation.

Renaissance Educational Consultants conduct follow up activities with the chosen Universities and ensure positive and quick response process. REC also, sends their recommendations highlighting student’s strengths and reasons why they should be granted admission. The Universities Admission Tutors consider this in their decision.

  • Step 3

The Immigration stage becoming an International Student; Congratulations! Students have secured their admissions. And, have just begun. Now, there is the need to get started on processing the papers for the third stage: the immigration procedure. After admission, this is the most crucial (and delicate) stage. Based on the information that students provide, the Embassy of the country students are heading provides the student with a visa. In this regard, we get them started on visa formalities by helping them to gather their required document. Thus, having crossed visa procedures it is now time to prepare the journey ahead. At this juncture, REC is at hand to advise students on the key procedures.

In specific cases we even ensure that students accommodation is booked and even the airport pick-ups are provided. Having However, leaving Nigeria for journey shows become part of the selected group of REC students who have gone on to chart their futures in today’s global economy. Finally, the students become International Students, with a world of academic opportunity ahead of them.

Visa Formalities

Visa is a key of all process from admission to Visa. To this end, we guide and prepare our students with their applications, financial statements, interviews, personal appearances etc.

Firstly, we make visa interview session with the students to prepare them with knowledge of visa appearance tips, interview skills, question and answer session, university information, course Information, future plan etc.

Secondly, we provide visa file preparations. This is the major part of visa processing. Here, we advise our students to arrange their educational qualifications, financial statement, letter of admissions and acceptance from the university concern, statements of purpose, resume, property documents if required, sponsor details and documents with relation of strong social ties in Nigeria.

  • Travel Assistance

We assist students in booking their flights well in advance to allow ideal departure dates, routes and also best discounts.

  • Forex Assistance

We have working relationships with reputed Forex dealers to ensure that our students get the competitive exchange rates and the prompt services. Foreign exchange is provided in the form of foreign currency, Traveler’s Cheque, Foreign Currency Notes etc., as may be convenient for the student.

  • Insurance Cover

We work directly with leading Insurance Companies like AIICO etc. With these insurance companies, our students are provided with insurance policies including comprehensive insurance coverage comprising cover for medical expenses/ treatment, checked baggage loss, personal accident, study interruptions etc.

You can even save money by buying the cover in Nigerian currency (naira) and seeking a waiver for the compulsory insurance that most foreign Universities ask for at the time of admission. This leaves you worry free and lets you focus on your grades.

  • Pre-Departure Briefing

Renaissance Educational Consultants provides pre-departure briefing to students going for studies abroad. A ‘Pre-departure Booklet’ is provided to each student, which covers all the aspects of initial travel and thereafter the Stay during his/her study period. It provides information on all minute details including the packing list of all the things one should take with him or her while going for higher education.

Renaissance Educational Consultants also, organize seminars and events from time-to-time for the same purpose. It includes an explanation on immigration process, information about a student’s life in foreign countries, a chance to talk to the alumni members returned from studies abroad, an introduction to services useful to overseas students and also a meeting with other students going abroad for higher studies. All these help to ensure that you are well settled at the University.

  • Student Progress Monitoring

We undertake student progress monitoring to assess students’ academic performance, to quantify a student rate of improvement or responsiveness to instruction, and to evaluate the effectiveness of instruction. Progress monitoring is implemented by REC with individual students or an entire class as may be requested.


Renaissance Educational Consultant (REC) coordinates short term group study tours for overseas students who wish to visit overseas Government and Private Schools to enrich their educational and cultural experience. Study tour programmes combine exciting educational, tourism and cultural exchange activities for overseas student groups visiting overseas Government and Private schools.

Students have the opportunity to enhance their English language skills (especially, in English speaking countries) and academic capabilities by studying alongside their school buddies in overseas school’s classroom environment. By integrating into the school community, students have the opportunity to develop lasting international friendships.

Renaissance Educational Consultants Study Tours offer a variety of customized and flexible educational programmes designed to fulfill individual group requirements and interests. Programmes can include excursions for students to explore natural environment and experience fun tourism activities in any country of the world.

The range of specialized programmes includes:

  • Study Tours (including homestay)
  • School Visit
  • Beach Education
  • Environmental Education Centre Visit
  • Technical and Further Education (TAFE) Visit
  • University Visit


  1. All Russian States University
  2. Federal and States Universities in Ukraine

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