Business Consultancy Services

REC provides business and management consultancy, as well as trade and investment consultancy all over the world. We also, provide pragmatic and forward-thinking advice to business and technology customers. The company operates through Business Technology; Marketing and Strategy; and Events segments. REC Business Consultancy services offers products and services for specific roles, including senior management in business strategy, marketing, and information technology

At REC, we focus on business growth and development, market research, business research, trade and investment opportunities and development and everything that creates value, avoids waste and continuously improves our own performance. We develop data resource tools in accordance with international standards to provide investors with access to valuable knowledge on the industry, sector and companies concerned, and helps create awareness among foreign investors on investment opportunities available.

We deliver quality business services. We organize trade and investment fairs, business conferences and economic summit to promote trade investment. We demand a high level of quality from ourselves.

Our name is synonymous with measurable results, sustainable business solutions, implementation, enablement of our customers to help themselves and the inspiration of both management and staff.

Our goal is for our customers to be the best businesses in their segment. We work out solutions and implement them together with the workforce. This ensures that the solutions are readily accepted and sustainable.

It is not just our expertise regarding REC that sets us apart. It is more than anything the people who work for us.REC parades arrays of staff with an average of fifteen years professional and management experience. Our consultants have solid industry experience behind them.

Our teams are made up of technicians, engineers, business experts, master craftsmen and trained instructors. This is unusual for consultants, but essential for success.


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