Renaissance Educational Consultant (REC)

Renaissance Educational Consultant (REC) is a certified Nigeria and foreign education and business consultancy firm, and official trained agent. REC is a Nigerian based educational consultancy and business consultancy firm. In overseas educational consultancy, REC represents universities around the world. In this regard, we provide information and counseling to the students and act as a link between the students and the universities. We assist the universities with building up academic relations as well as marketing activities in Nigeria. Additionally, we provide assistance for Nigerian educational consultancies firm with the administration of their study abroad program.

REC  provides professional consultancy services as well as complete in-depth counseling on a ‘one-to-one’ basis for students, to chart out their career path for education abroad. Our “Study Abroad Program” process applications for most of the Top Ranked universities in Canada, China, Russia, Europe, United Kingdom, United States of America, and in other countries of the world that offers qualitative education programs. REC is currently a leading education consultancy firm and representative agent to All States Russian Universities in Republic of Soviet Union.

REC also, provides specialized services for the education sector including government ministries, international funding institutions, universities and colleges, technical institutes and research centres, non-governmental organizations, school boards and independent schools.  REC is noted for its focus on developing and implementing creative, appropriate and cost efficient solutions to the needs of the education sector.

REC was founded in 22nd of May 2009 and sent the first group of students to the first semester in  September 2009,Since 2009 to 2015, We have recruited above 2000 students and have since enjoyed a steady growth. REC is registered as a private company under the relevant laws of Nigeria. Our main office is in Lagos state, (a mega-city, gateway to the Nigerian economy and the commercial nerve centre of West Africa) and we are ready to expand the network offices in the main cities of Nigeria and also, established the agents network in all Nigeria

Our Mission

Why People Choose Us?

We are a lifelong associate for career improvement by delivering a best-in-class educational experience with an unmatched commitment to student success.

We offer academic professional training solution, education, facilities, resource and management planning, innovative building and campus planning solutions that address institutional priorities.

We enable organizations to achieve operational excellence through the unique combination of concepts, implementation, people and technology.

We are innovative builders of businesses, developing trade and investment world-wide.

To provide students and parents best education consulting services and offer them a well established network of quality institutions.
To offer best educational consultancy on facilities planning, educational planning and management consulting and academic professional training, to educational and research institutions and government.
To create sustainable competitive advantage through superior operating performance and the ability to respond flexibly and quickly to changes

Our team